We are looking for kind, curious, and organized professionals to join our kitchen. At Café Mars, instead of refining our focus to a particular region or time period, we explore the entire universe of Italian food—a telescope, not a microscope. With our feet planted in a deep respect for traditional technique, we are open to new and unexpected ways of making Italian food.

To do this, we need cooks that see as much value in folding 1,000 tortellini as in discovering new flavor combinations and techniques. We need cooks that want to get a little bit better every day. We want cooks who want to learn all facets of the restaurant experience.

As we value teamwork that spans all of the positions in our space, we will share some FOH responsibilities with the kitchen, and visa versa. No experience is necessary for this component of the work, but an open mind and willingness to learn is! Cooks will be working directly with chef Paul D’Avino during both prep and service for 5 days a week of dinner service.

Sound like you? Come and get it! Send an email to