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We are looking for kind, curious, and organized professionals to join our kitchen. At Café Mars, instead of refining our focus to a particular region or time period, we explore the entire universe of Italian food—a telescope, not a microscope. With our feet planted in a deep respect for traditional technique, we are open to new and unexpected ways of making Italian food. To do this, we need cooks that see as much value in folding 1,000 tortellini as in discovering new flavor combinations and techniques.

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We are looking for skilled, enthusiastic, and kind hospitality professionals to join Café Mars. We are looking full-time commitments for dinner service 5 nights a week. The service we aim to provide at Café Mars is as attentive as a fine dining establishment, but with more familiarity and sense of celebration. While we are primarily seeking candidates who have prior experience in FOH operations, this position could be ideal for anyone who is passionate about restaurants and looking to learn and grow with us.

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